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Over the years Germany has endured countless conflicts that have torn the nation asunder, but one of the worst is being under the wrath of the Furry Empire.

Recently riots and protests have grown in the city of Berlin near the capital building of people wishing for a free Germany. It appears they have begun seeking aid from the Polish.


May 6th 2058,[]

4:36 P.M. Central - The Riots become more violent as some people begin stabbing Furry officials and police.

2:54 Pacific - DaRealpotatolord charges into Berlin, using the same "crash the plane" strategy as they did during the Iris Revolution.

5:47 PM - Polish workers come and set up food kitchens and field hospitals.

May 7th 2058,[]

3:45 Mountain - The Furry Empire sends in thousands of soldiers, and starts executing protesters. One horrific incident would be a mass shooting in the street, known as the "Berlin Massacre," with thousands dead and even more wounded. Protests begin to drop significantly.

4:48 PM Central - The Polish human service workers slightly arm themselves for defense. In addition, armed security is enlisted to continue protecting them during their jobs.

7:02 P.M. Central - Furry forces are forced to be put in the western half of the city as the remaining large groups of rioters begin making the eastern side of Berlin "their" territory through extensive measures such as mustard gas and molotovs.

May 8th 2058,[]

12:57 P.M. Central - In response to the Berlin Massacre various 1st Mecha Shock Commandos Division forces surprisingly arrive at Berlin and aid the protesters that remain by giving them supplies such as guns and food as they hold the Furries off using artillery fire. A border-like structure is set up in the middle of the city where the rebels take refuge on the eastern side of this "border" and begin regrouping as they prepare to take control of Berlin.

May 12th, 2058[]

6 PM Central - More humanitarian aid is sent by private entities from Poland, as well as armed defense militias who shortly declare to have been sent by the government of Poland.

May 15th, 2058[]

6:40 P.M. Central - For the past three days small groups of soldiers were sent into the western or Furry-controlled side of Berlin that would use Guerilla Warfare tactics and exhaust the hostile forces by slowly eating away at their energy, moral, numbers, etc. Eventually an attack is launched on the western side of Berlin, and with strong support, it is taken by the rebels thus giving the resistance a major advantage in this new war for German independence since the primary location for command there is now occupied by their forces. The resistance regroups and prepares for more attack around Germany.

May 18th, 2058[]

6:24 P.M. Central - Riots and Protests that are backed up by Rebels and MSCD1 forces occur in areas around Berlin such as Nauen, Oranienburg, Strausberg, Blankenfelde-Mahlow, etc. These areas are captured by Rebels and fortified thus creating a defensive line around Berlin where most operations and communications are coming from. The rebellion grows in support as MSCD1 forces train the Rebels in Guerilla Warfare tactics.

May 30th, 2058[]

5:12 P.M. Central - The Furries can no longer hold the line, and Berlin falls into the revolution.